The mission of this congregation is to serve God and to grow His Kingdom by preaching, teaching, and studying His Word, and to share the love of our risen Lord and Savior.


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Events on October 24, 2014
Show Night - "Chronicles of Narnia"
Starts: 6:00 PM Ends: 9:00 PM
GRACE Group - Leaders: Shirley Goebbert and Nancy Goebbert
Starts: 7:00 PM Ends: 9:00 PM
Description: Mixed Group; September - May; Leaders: Shirley Goebbert and Nancy Goebbert
Events on October 25, 2014
Yard Cleanup
Starts: 12:00 AM Ends: 12:00 AM
GRACE Group - Leader: Debbie Beck
Starts: 8:00 AM Ends: 10:00 AM
Description: Women's Group, Leader: Debbie Beck, meet twice per month
Starts: 5:30 PM Ends: 6:30 PM
Bible Study - Leader: Gerhard Stefan
Starts: 7:00 PM Ends: 9:00 PM
Description: Leader: Gerhard Stefan
Echoes Youth Group
Starts: 7:00 PM Ends: 9:00 PM
Location: Activity Center
Description: Echoes is our 5th & 6th Grade youth Group! Come Join us!
Events on October 26, 2014
Adult Bible Class
Starts: 8:00 AM Ends: 9:00 AM
Location: St. John's Mezzanine
Starts: 9:30 AM Ends: 10:30 AM
Coffee Fellowship
Starts: 10:30 AM Ends: 11:30 AM
Location: St. John's Activity Center
Bible Study - Leader: Gary Parr
Starts: 6:30 PM Ends: 8:00 PM
Description: Leader: Gary Parr
Events on October 27, 2014
G.R.A.C.E. Group - Leader: Jackie Danz
Starts: 6:00 PM Ends: 8:00 PM
Location: Ellen Drudge's House or Jackie Danz's House


Pastor Rev. Brian Lee

Principal Mr. Ralph Peterson