K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry

St. John’s Lutheran Church & School participates in the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, sponsored by Lutheran Church Charities (LLC).

“Butter” is a golden retriever who has become part of our church and school family and she serves frequently throughout the church and surrounding community.

Comfort Dog Ministry Mission
The mission of the comfort dog ministry is to aid the staff members of St. John’s in sharing the love of our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Need Comfort?
If anyone can benefit from a visit from Butter, contact Cliff Beck 847-458-9699  or Cliff Berutti 847-428-8095

Butter’s Story
Butter is a beautiful Golden Retriever K-9 Comfort Dog. She has been extensively trained to be calm, tolerant and friendly when “at work”. She has visited local schools, churches, retirement homes, shut-ins, fairs and festivals. Butter has been certified to work at Good Shepherd Hospital and is close to certification at Sherman Hospital.

Comfort Dogs can help people feel less lonely and depressed, offer entertainment or a welcomed distraction from pain and infirmity and give people a common interest to provide focus for conversation. People in assisted living situations often miss their own pets and look forward to visits from Butter to brighten their day. She’s always happy to share her love with children. Butter can be easily identified by her Blue Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Vest that says, “Please Pet Me”.

Butter’s Dedication
On Sunday, January 10, 2010, there was a Dedication Service at St. John’s in Algonquin. Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) Comfort Dog Butter was dedicated as a staff member at St. John Ev. Lutheran Church, Algonquin by Pastor William Stroup. St. John’s will continue to use Butter as a bridge into the community to share the compassion and care of Jesus Christ. Butter has served for the last 6 months as an LCC K-9 Parish Comfort Dog with St. John’s, visiting shut-ins, hospitals and school kids, and at community and youth group events. The handlers are all trained volunteers from St. John Lutheran Church Algonquin’s K-9 Parish Comfort Dog Ministry.