A Parent’s Role

Participating in worship is a vital part of Christian education and all children and parents are expected to be faithful in church attendance. Just as parents support what their children are learning at school by having children read, add or subtract, and use proper grammar outside of school, we ask for parents to support the school’s effort in developing life-long servants by attending church.

Please review St. John’s Lutheran School’s Guidelines for Tuition and Fees to be familiar with your obligations to maintain Active Member tuition status.

St. John’s has one formal parent-teacher meeting during the first quarter. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with their child’s teacher if there is a concern.

All parents of enrolled students are automatically members of St. John’s Parent Teacher League. The PTL is responsible for assisting our school in those ‘extras’ which makes our school special. The PTL sponsors school assemblies, speakers and field trips. Furthermore, they provide for extra curricular, off-campus activities during the school term. You are encouraged to be an active part of this most valuable organization.